Pet Praise Rolling Hills Animal Hospital Brunswick Ohio

He is a very capable and fantastic veterinary doctor. He took care of my dog for a very long time. I have come across many veterinarian doctors and he is the best.Mahendrasinhji GohilGoogle

Available for emergency calls when I needed my questions concerning my dog answered. Reasonably priced. I drive extra distance just for this vet.Bob OhmerGoogle

When our dog had a freak allergic reaction to dust mites, Rolling Hills was the ONLY vet in the area that would take him right away, no matter how busy they were. They kept him there all day for monitoring and didn’t even charge us for it. Office visits are VERY reasonable and the staff is nice and knowledgeable. BEST vet in Brunswick, for sure. They have a 24/7 emergency line that rings right to one of the doctors- I’m so thankful to have them on my speed dial in case my pup ever decides to develop an allergy out of the blue again!!Google UserGoogle

This vet has always provided quality care and service at a fair price. Couldn’t ask for more.Jenny GGoogle+